Treat Loved Ones To A Smile Makeover This Christmas

A smile makeover refers to a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform the function and appearance of the teeth, mouth, and gums to give you a brighter smile and healthier teeth and gums for years to come. Popular cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, Invisalign invisible braces, gum contouring, tooth bonding, dental crowns, and more.

Who Is a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Anyone who would like an improvement in the shape, color, or alignment of their teeth would be a perfect candidate for a smile makeover! At your next appointment, we can not only explore your treatment options with you but create a customized treatment plan for you too. Your smile deserves the best this holiday season, and it’s never too late to start improving your smile now. 

What Are the Benefits of a Smile Makeover?

When you look at your loved ones this holiday season, would you say their smile is beautiful? If the answer is no, why not give the gift of a beautiful new smile to someone you love this Christmas and New Year? A smile makeover can both improve the appearance of someone’s teeth and help with overall oral health. Below are some of the benefits your loved one can receive from a smile makeover procedure.

  • Improve the health and appearance of your smile.
  • Look younger by keeping your teeth healthy and white.
  • Increase your confidence in your appearance.
  • Improve your quality of life by improving your overall health.
  • Get results that will last for years to come.

The above list is not comprehensive. Your dentist will be able to go over all of the benefits your loved one can enjoy during and after treatment. If you are ready to schedule a smile makeover appointment for someone you care about this holiday season, contact your dentist today!

What Should I Expect During a Smile Makeover?

Before getting started, we will examine your teeth to determine what needs to be done to improve the appearance of your smile. Then, we will design a custom smile makeover plan. This plan will tell you everything you will need to know in order to have the smile of your dreams. Some of the treatments used may include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, and more. We will also create a timeline for your treatment so that you can know what to expect and when you can expect it.

While your treatment plan will help you know what you may expect from each phase of your treatment, you may also have questions along the way. During your appointments and throughout your entire treatment process, we encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary. We want you to be completely comfortable and relaxed whenever you are with us. It’s also important that you understand your options, so we want you to be fully informed about your treatment choices. For any questions you may have, please contact our office. We can help you schedule a consultation so you can learn more about how we can give you a perfect smile this Christmas season.

To learn more about how we can give you a perfect smile this Christmas season at Elite Dental, West St. Paul, MN, call (952) 432-1716 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 7300 147th St., W., Suite 108, West St. Paul, MN.

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