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Crooked teeth not only make you conscious about your smile but also disrupt your tooth functionality. Such teeth do not fit together properly and create issues. Schedule an appointment with us and we will help you correct your smile and tooth functionality with the best orthodontic procedure. 

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention, guidance, interception, and correction of bad bites and other dental irregularities resulting from crooked or misaligned teeth and other problems.

When Would I Need Orthodontic Treatment?



When your upper front teeth stick out over your lower teeth, it may lead to an overbite.


An underbite is a condition when your lower teeth appear too far forward, and your upper front teeth are too far back.


Crossbite is when your upper front teeth rest behind your lower teeth when you close your mouth.

Open Bite:

When you have a gap between the upper front and lower teeth when you bite down, it leads to an open bite.

Space Between Teeth:

When your teeth do not fill up your mouth, it results in gaps between your adjacent teeth, leading to spacing.


Crowding is when your dental ridge does not have enough room to accommodate your teeth to their suitable positions.

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What Are the Different Orthodontic Treatments?



Conventional braces are the most popular orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth. Braces are fixed appliances that we attach to your mouth to bring your teeth to their suitable positions. They comprise brackets, wires, and bands. We attach the brackets to your front teeth, and archwires connect them to the bands. When the archwires are tightened, they put pressure on your teeth, thus moving them to their target position.


Aligners have become a popular option and substitute for braces these days. These removable appliances are invisible in appearance and perform the same function as braces. They can be removed when you eat food and clean your mouth, thus making them easy to maintain. They come in the form of clear trays, and you are supposed to wear them for 22 hours a day.

Jaw Repositioning Appliances:

Also known as splints, we place them on your top or lower jaw to treat TMJ disorders. They work by virtually training your jaw to close in a better position.


Retainers are to be worn on the roof of your mouth. They are often suggested after an orthodontic treatment to prevent your teeth from returning to their previous position.

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