Snap-On Dentures with Mini Implants in West St Paul, MN

Snap-On Dentures with Mini Implants

Dentures are a proven solution for replacing missing teeth. They are removable appliances that consist of a gum-colored base that holds the replacement teeth. Though helpful, dentures do have some shortcomings. One of the significant disadvantages to dentures is that they can slip out of place while you are eating or speaking, causing pain and embarrassment in social situations. At Elite Dental LLC in West St. Paul, MN, we provide mini dental implants that offer incredible stability for your Snap-On-dentures.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are restorations used in your lower jawbone to stabilize the dentures. They are smaller than the implants used in the implant-supported restorations. Mini dental implants have a diameter of around 1.8 millimeters to 3.3 millimeters. The primary difference between standard dental implants and mini implants is their design. The traditional implants are designed to have replacement teeth placed on them, whereas mini dental implants have a ball on the exposed ends. Your dentures are then fixed into position on these balls and secured with O-rings. This unique design keeps your dentures firmly in place while allowing them to be removed for regular cleaning.

Placement of Mini Dental Implants 

The mini dental implants placement process is much less invasive, takes less time, and has a shorter recovery period. During implant surgery, small incisions are made in your gums to create tiny openings in your jawbone. The posts are positioned into the jaw, and the gums are stitched closed around them.

As the procedure is less invasive, your dentures can be stabilized on the same day. However, following the placement of your mini implants, you may experience some discomfort for a few days. Pain medication may help ease your discomfort. Try to avoid hard, chewy, and sticky foods for a few days. Once fully healed, you can resume your regular diet.

Placement and Removal of Dentures

While mini dental implants support your dentures, they must still be removed to clean them. To place your denture:

  • Hold them on each side and gently lower them over the balls of the implant posts. The O-rings should rest over them.
  • By using minimal pressure, snap your denture into position.

To remove your denture:

  • Place your thumbs underneath each side and gently pull them free to remove your denture.
  • Apply equal pressure to each side.

Caring for Mini Dental Implants

Besides caring for your dentures, you must also care for your implant posts. Brush the posts every day as these areas can accumulate plaque and bacteria, leading to gum disease. Make sure that you clean the ball of each implant thoroughly. It is also critical to clean around the O-ring fixtures. This will ensure the longevity of your restorations.

If you’re seeking an affordable solution to stabilize your dentures, consider mini dental implants. For details on our services at Elite Dental in West St. Paul, MN, dial (952) 432-1716 or schedule an appointment online. You’re also welcome to visit us at 1525 Livingston Ave, Suite B, West St. Paul, MN 55118.

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