Oral Surgery in West St Paul, MN

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery helps correct problems in your mouth, jawbone, or other dental structures so that you can enjoy improved oral health and a better quality of life. A surgical procedure may be recommended if you need a wisdom tooth extracted, prepare for implant placement, bone grafting, or have received a traumatic injury to your oral structures. At Elite Dental LLC in West St. Paul, MN, Dr. Mimi Hoang and her team strive to make oral surgical procedures as comfortable and minimally invasive as possible.

When Is Oral Surgery Needed?

Oral surgery is planned to improve your dental health and the function and appearance of your smile and surrounding oral structures. It includes various treatments, from wisdom tooth extractions to implant placement or jaw surgery.

When you need a surgical procedure to protect or regain your oral health and function, Dr. Mimi Hoang will examine your entire mouth before recommending the necessary surgery to meet your needs. We try to ensure that your oral surgery is as convenient as possible and offer several anesthetic options to help you feel more comfortable during your procedures.

Common Oral Surgeries at Elite Dental LLC

Bone Grafting:

When you lose a tooth or develop gum disease, the bone tissue supporting your teeth can resorb or decline. When this happens, you need a bone grafting surgery to help you regain adequate healthy bone tissue to keep your teeth or dental implant.

Bone grafting integrates donor bone tissue and increases the supporting bone in the areas affected by tooth loss or gum disease, thus providing additional support and increasing the chances of successful treatments.

Tooth Extractions:

The focus of dental care is to protect and preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth needs to be removed from your mouth to restore the health and function of your smile and protect your remaining teeth. Some of the conditions that may make a tooth extraction necessary include severe infections, tooth decay, or overcrowding of teeth.

Laser Gum Treatment:

When you develop periodontal disease, your gums become swollen and infected. If you do not receive timely treatment, the disease advances, leading to tooth loss, bone loss, and gum recession. If your condition becomes severe enough, Dr. Mimi Hoang may recommend a laser surgical gum treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions:

Wisdom teeth surgery is performed when they do not erupt correctly and become impacted in the gums. An incision is made on the gums, and the tooth is broken into tiny pieces and removed carefully. The opening is sealed closed with stitches to ensure speedy healing.

If you have queries about oral surgery or want to schedule a consultation with our dentist in West St Paul, MN, visit our office, Elite Dental LLC, at 1525 Livingston Ave, Suite B, West St Paul, MN 55118. You can also reach us at (952) 432-1716 and schedule an appointment.

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